The Company

Mutual Management Company provides quality housing management services to owners of multifamily housing developments that serve low to moderate-income families. Its major areas of expertise are government-assisted housing, including project and tenant-based Section 8 and 42 properties, leasehold cooperative housing and housing with special needs. Its services are available to owners of scattered sites and/or single site developments, residential and commercial.

The Company negotiates management contracts with owners that are tailored to the specific needs of each development. Our core level of services includes property management, budget preparation, marketing, and accounting. For owners of government assisted housing, we will add subsidy administration and compliance. In addition, we can provide a variety of services that address unique features of a particular development. These may include leasehold cooperative/resident associations, including attendance at resident meetings, leasehold coop and board training, issues related to stabilization of a development, transition housing, housing immigrant populations, community-specific housing programs and programs for people with special needs. We can also provide facilities and maintenance contracts.

Our Mission

To provide management services to owners and residents of multifamily and neighborhood commercial developments on a non-profit basis, to help preserve and protect the communities under its administration, and to promote the involvement of residents, tenants, and clients in the communities.