Once on Waiting List


If your application is apparently eligible for housing, your name will be added to the Section 8 wait list in order of completion. This DOES NOT MEAN that your application has been approved.

When your name approaches the top of the list, your application will be processed and approved or denied (based on the information provided at that current time). If your application is approved, you will be shown ONE unit when it becomes available, if you reject that unit you will be offered a second unit when one comes available.

If you reject both units, your application will be removed from the waiting list. You would then need to re-apply when the wait list opens again to get back on the list.


You are required to update your information with Riverside Homes on an annual basis.

If you do not return the annual update form by the deadline, your name will automatically be dropped from the wait list without additional notice.

Riverside Homes will contact you when your name is approaching the top of the list.

Riverside Homes is not able to tell how long the wait will be for a unit to become available. Recent years indicate the wait will be 3 or more years. This is subject to change.


Riverside Homes is not able to tell where your name is on the list. If you wish to check to see if your name is on the wait list, you will need to send a letter by mail with your name and address requesting that we check to see if your name is on the list. Make sure to include your first and last name and your address at the time of your application. A response will be mailed to you  the same day that your request is received in our office.


You must contact us IN WRITING by postal mail, within 14 days, if:

  • You have a change of phone number, and/or a change of address, and/or a change in family members and/or a change in income.

Contact us at:

Mutual Management Company, Attn: Waiting List, 425 20th Avenue South, Suite #203, Minneapolis,MN55454.

Make sure to include your first and last name, your old address and phone number along with the new address and phone number.

If you do not notify our office of the above changes within 14 days of the change, your application may be dropped.

If the number of family members changes, you may become ineligible for a 2 bedroom unit. If this occurs, you will be required to update your application. Your application will then be moved to the 1 bedroom or 3 bedroom wait list (whichever is appropriate) if it is still otherwise eligible. The date of the updated application will be the new effective date that your application is added to a wait list. (You will NOT maintain the date of your original 2 bedroom application.) Update form